Due to the COVID-19 instructions it is not possible for us to arrange the "Schwarzacher Open" in 2020.
If possible we will organize a Tournament in 2021 as usual!

Andreas Haitzer

What is maybe difficult to understand for a ingenuous viewer, this is a headline for a connoisseur of the chess game.
But we should not make the mistake to compare chess with a game. If we call chess a game in vernacular, this is not true. Chess is a sport - a mental exercise.
The most important thing is, playing, watching, doing. Improvements are only possible through the intensive employment.

As Wikibooks says:
Chess is a challenge to mental skills that are widely needed in everyday life and professional life.
Abstraction, discipline, intuition, fighting spirit, concentration, planning, problem solving, situation analysis, structural thinking, avoiding over- and underestimation, just to name a few. I m assuming that a strengthening of commitment of the German school in the chess sport will translate directly into a better performance in future PISA studies. But chess is also an aesthetic delight.

This description shows the possibilities which are provided through chess. Beginner, advanced or professional can train their mind as a player. Enjoy the game with erery move to come the checkmate a little closer.

Good luck in the next game!
Andreas Haitzer
Marktgemeinde Schwarzach i. Pg.